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Elizabeth’s Bio and CV

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed., CEO of EPower & Associates, Inc. epowerandassociates.com, is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, teacher, and consultant.  Her firm’s specialty is helping organizations make and manage change through learning and doing.  Her mastery of diverse interests and innovation has been recognized worldwide through awards and publications across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Her company has provided services in automotive manufacturing, customer service, consumer research, and the contact center industry providing Organizaton and Human Resources Development services.

Currently, her firm provides services focusing on helping organizations and individuals become Trauma-Responsive. With clients in all sectors, from corporations to congregations, the new Trauma-Informed Academy is poised to offer the firms Trauma-Responsive System, which is grounded in trauma-informed care.This unique and timely offering combines online individual learning with webinars and worksheets.

Power works to develop cross-cultural adaptation of programs with a variety of communities, focusing on markers of culture from the traditional perspective, and is cross-walking traditional indigenous values with principles of trauma-informed care and recovery for translation to other models.

She was recently published as third author of an article in Family Medicine about the outcomes of the NIMH research project assessing the effectiveness of the use of the core principles of Risking Connection by Primary Care Providers in their clinical settings. Her firm is the creator of TReSIA, the Trauma-Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor at www.traumainformedcare.com.

When organizations and associations book her as a speaker, it’s most often for motivation, to help people make and adapt to change, or to tell her own story of hope and healing.

Download a copy of her CV here.

“Smarter than a pack of police dogs, funnier than a six pack of funny bones on go-juice, and and as adept at change as chameleon clambering through a costume ball,” was one audience member’s response. When you need a speaker with humor, depth, wisdom and motivation, she’s the one. Download audio/video/print material, or contact us to discuss bookings.


Vanderbilt University, Peabody School of Education, Nashville, TN 1997, M.Ed. in Human Resources Development, Emphasis on Organization Development and Systems Thinking

University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC 1977 B.A. in Sociology and Religious Studies Thesis: “The History and Development of Religious Communities in the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States”

Member, Chancellor’s Committee on Disabilities

University of North Carolina School of the Arts, 1971 High School Diploma, Writing


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Presentations, Speeches, Performances, and Media


  • Three secrets to successful change, Key5 Conference, Charlotte NC
  • Even the Mountains are Sacred, St. Paul’s Womens’ Retreat, Sewanne\


  • Creating Trauma-Responsive Congregations, Chicago Trauma-Informed Congregation Network, Chicago IL
  • Foundation training for school staff, NoBully, US (multi-state)
  • Relational processes in recovery, Seattle WA
  • Parent-guardian training, NoBully US (multi-state)
  • Camp No Bully, NoBully, US. Alexandria VA
  • Addressing Organizational Contributors to Vicarious Trauma, IVAT. Honolulu HI
  • Risking Connection, multiple agencies, Seattle WA
  • Trauma-Informed Customer Service, NINAWIC, Choctaw Nation, OK


  • Trauma-Informed Medicine, Georgetown University, Trenton NJ
  • Outrageous ideas, Keynote for An Infinite Mind Conference, Orlando FL
  • ACRE, South Africa
  • Risking Connection, Salvus Clinic, Moncton NB
  • When Bad Things Happen: Risking Connection in Faith Communities, Baltimore UMC Conference, Baltimore MD
  • Whole-person healing: Trauma-Informed Care, IHS National Behavorial Conference, Portland OR
  • Risking Connection, multiple agencies, US


  • 7 Tools for fostering positive classroom chaos and creativity, ACRE Conference, Bela-Bela Limpopo South Africa
  • Beyond Flow to FLUID: Liberating creativity and fostering intuition at work, ACRE conference, Bela-Bela, Limpopo South Africa
  • How Trauma Crushes–and how educators can help restore–Creativity, ACRE Conference, Bela-Bela, Limpopo South Africa
  • Risking Connection, City Union Mission / Newhouse, Kansas City, MO
  • Risking Connection, UT San Antonio Teen Health, San Antonio TX
  • Risking Connection, Salisbury Behavioral Health, Horsham PA
  • Risking Connection, Ocean County Department of Human Services, Toms River, NJ
  • Faith Communities as Partners, National Partnership for Community Training: Expanding the Network of Care for Survivors of Torture, Miami FL
  • Providing Trauma-Informed Care, Administration of Children’s Services, New York City
  • Risking Connection, Shiprock Indian Health Services Unit, Shiprock NM
  • Self-Care and Connection, Hopeworks ‘n Camden, Camden NJ
  • Trauma, Spirituality and Faith, Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services, National Partnership for Community Training
  • Risking Connection, Train the Trainer, Safe Horizon, Brooklyn NY


  • Healing Communities from Structural Violence in Trauma Informed Ways, Universidad Autonoma de Juarez, Juarez Mexico
  • Risking Connection, Crossroads Turning Points, Pueblo CO
  • Who are You?, Seattle Gathering
  • Risking Connection, Safe Horizon, Brooklyn NY
  • Risking Connection, Shiprock Indian Health Services Unit, Shiprock NM
  • Trauma Informed Healing, Oahu
  • Risking Connection Train the Trainer, ReDiscover and ReStart, Johnson County MO
  • Risking Connection in Faith Communities, Baltimore United Methodist Conference
  • Trauma and Faith, Clergy Women’s Retreat, Arrington TN
  • Trauma Responsive Youth Development, Hale Kipa, Honolulu
  • Risking Connection, King County
  • RICH Relationships 101, King County
  • Project Management for Non-Profits, United Way, Tulsa Oklahoma


  • Relational Healing, Creating Increased Connections, Philadelphia, PA
  • Leadership & Culture in Trauma-Responsive Systems, Creating Increased Connections, Philadelphia PA
  • Risking Connection, reStart/Rediscover, Kansas City area
  • Trauma-Informed Responses, Mississippi Interfaith Disaster Task Force, Gulfport MS
  • Self-care for Caregivers, Mississippi Interfaith Disaster Task Force, Gulfport MS
  • Risking Connection, Summit Oaks, Sioux Falls SD
  • Adapting Trauma-Informed Care to Reflect Indigenous Values, Pathways, St. Louis, MO
  • Risking Connection, New Beginnings, Aberdeen SD
  • Risking Connection, Independent Living Program, DE Dept. Children, Youth and Families
  • Cross Cultural Traditions in Trauma Informed Care, Ku Aloha Ola Mau, HI
  • Risking Connection Train the Trainer, Hale Kipa, HI
  • Risking Connection, King County MHCADSD, Seattle WA


  • Leadership Transformation, United Way National Capitol Area, Washington DC
  • Knowledge Management/Taxonomy, United Way Worldwide, Alexandria VA
  • Risking Connection / RICH Relationships 101, King County MHCADSD, Seattle WA
  • RICH Relationships 101, South Dakota Youth Workers Conference
  • Risking Connection, Hope House, Independence MO
  • Risking Connection, Rosebrook Center, Kansas City
  • Risking Connection, CAPA, Independence MO


  • Wisdom Works, Nashville TN
  • Self-Care for Service Providers, Baltimore MD
  • Responding to Post-Traumatic Stress, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Juarez Mexico
  • Alternatives 2011, Orlando, FL
  • Risking Connection, King County, Seattle WA
  • Risking Connection: Abbott House, Mitchell SD
  • Risking Connection Trainer Event, Boys-Girls Village, Milford CT
  • Essence of Being Real Peer Support Training, Seattle WA
  • Risking Connection: Brandywine Community Counseling Services, DE
  • Implementing Trauma-Informed Care Across the State of Colordao, Colorado Division of Behvioral Health Research Forum, Denver CO
  • Risking Connection: Chemical Dependency Model, Crossroads Turning Points, Pueblo CO
  • Risking Connection: Community Mental Health Model, King County MHCADD Services, Seattle
  • Risking Connection: Working with Survivors, Loyola University, Columbia MD


  • Poster Presentation, Relationship Informed Collaborative Health Care, ISTSS, Montreal
  • Risking Connection: Community Mental Health Model, King County MHCADD Services, Seattle
  • Risking Connection: Inpatient Child-Adolescent Model, Rivendell BHC, Bowling Green, KY
  • Risking Connection: Working with Survivors, Loyola University, Columbia MD
  • Managing Vicarious Trauma, US Attorney Victim/Witness Advocates, Washington DC
  • Risking Connection in Faith Communities, Loyola University, Columbia MD
  • Risking Connection in Congregate Care, Boys-Girls Village Milford CT
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and Trauma, Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, NYC
  • Risking Connection, Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin TX
  • Risking Connection: Inpatient Model, Maui Memorial Medical Center, HI
  • Risking Connection: Inpatient Model, Queens Hospital, Honolulu, HI


  • Risking Connection: Working with Survivors of Child Abuse, Nashville, TN
  • Responding to Dissociation, PostGraduate Center for Mental Health, NYC
  • Risking Connection: Working in Congregate Care, St. Peter’s-St. Joseph’s Home, San Antonio, TX
  • Understanding Self-Inflicted Injury, PostGraduate Center for Mental Health, NYC
  • Working with Point of Sale Software, nationwide training tour for pipe/valve/fitting company, Intulogy
  • Risking Connection: Working in Congregate Care, Boys/Girls Village, Milford CT
  • Getting Happier: Art, Skill, Tools; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Franklin TN
  • Risking Connection in Faith Communities, Mississippi Interfaith Disaster Assistance Task Force


  • Risking Connection in Addiction Treatment, Worcester County Department of Public Health, MD
  • Risking Connection in Faith Communities Train the Trainer, Sidran Institute
  • Team Building, Mid-Cumberland Region, TN Dept of Public Health
  • Sidran Institute, RICH(tm) Relationships pilot for Risking Connection(r)
  • Living Out of Love, Unity Center for Positive Living, Nashville, TN
  • Prayer and Healing, Unity Center for Positive Living, Nashville, TN


  • Department of Defense, U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program Symposium, If Change Is All There Is, Choice Is All You’ve Got: Trust After Trauma
  • Pilkerton Realty, Customer-Centric Selling


  • International for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, International Conference, Los Angeles, Seize the Moment! Effective PR
  • Study group on Dissociative Disorders, University of Cincinnati Dept. of Psychiatry, The Roof Center
  • The Lotus Center, Nashville, TN, The Metaphysics of Intention


  • Triangle Study Group of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation Intuition and Effective Process in Business, Nashville TN
  • The Role of the Invisible in Creating the Visible: Intentions, Nashville TN


  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, You Can Write It, But Can They Read It?


  • Blue Ridge Electric Membership Service Retreat, Lenoir NC, Leadership as a Masterful Art
  • Women’s Resources Center,Hickory, NC, Coping with Change
  • J.D.Power and Associates, Washington Mutual Customer Service Training Tour, Nationwide
  • ISSD, Developing Effective PR and Marketing in the NonProfit Environment


  • Catawba Valley Community College, Woman to Woman Series
  • J.D. Power and Associates, Ford Blue Oval Dealer Presentations, Nationwide
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network, You Can Write It, But Can They Read It?


  • San Diego Auto Dealer Association, E-Commerce and the Automotive Industry
  • St. James Episcopal Church, Lenoir NC, Guest Lecturer, Prayer and Intuition


  • Las Vegas Business and Professional Women, KeynoteSedona, Intuitive Process and Coping with Change


  • International Speaker’s Network / TN, If Change Is All There Is, choice Is All You’ve Got
  • TN American Ass’n of Mental Retardation / TN, Speech, From Stigma to Success
  • National Association for Female Executives / TN, Speech, Coping with Change
  • Triangle Chapter of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation, Raleigh, NC
  • PA Blue Cross Training Developer’s Network, Keynote / seminar on Change
  • Society for Human Resource Management, TN, keynote on Change
  • UCAR Carbon, Train the Trainer / Facilitation Skills
  • GM of Canada, Customer Enthusiasm Skills


  • Successful Meetings Magazine Cover, Included in “25 Hottest Picks” as speaker
  • TN Assn for. Mental Retardation, Training, From Stigma to Success
  • Southern Peninsula Family Focus, Australia / New Zealand Conference on MPD / DID
  • Eastern Regional Conference on Traum, Associative Skills for Improved Functioning
  • Elkanah Counseling for World Vision Australia, Australia, If Change Is All There Is, Choice Is All You’ve Got; Diversity and Differentness in Business
  • TN Assn of Health Care, Coping with Change
  • GM of Europe, Introduction of ISO 9000 into Opel AG Retail facilities
  • Saturn Outside Service, Diversity: A New Perspective
  • TN Child Care Association, Responding to Stress in Children’s Lives: The Ultimate Customer
  • Saturn Outside Services, Pontiac’s Customer Enthusiasm Always!
  • GM of Europe, Design for Customer Enthusiasm Skills for Opel Retailers


  • National Public Radio, Marketplace, Interview on change management
  • Voice of America Radio, Interview on change management
  • Bloomberg Radio News Syndicate,Interview on Change Management
  • US Japan Business News, Review of “If Change Is All There Is, Choice Is All You’ve Got”
  • Western Clinical Conference / Multiple Personality & Dissociation, Irvine CA, Change Management Skills and Managing Dissociative Disorder
  • Saturn Corporation, Managing Diversity in Teams
  • Saturn Corporation Office Synchronization for People Systems
  • Int’l Society for the Study of Dissociation, Vancouver BC, The ASk (Associative Skills) Model
  • Crisis Call, Nashville, TN, Intervention with Dissociative Disorders
  • Eastern Regional Conference on Trauma, Self Management Skills for Multiple Personality Clients


  • UCAR Carbon, Columbia TN and Parma OH, Task analysis and presentation skills for trainers
  • National Symposium on TQM in Education, Industry, and Government, Panel responding to Philip Crosby
  • Mungadze Association, Survivors Conference, Dallas, TX, Spirituality In Healing; Dealing with the Media; Feeling Feelings?; Managing Boundaries
  • Southwest Regional Conference on Abuse & Dissociative Disorders, Tyler TX, Ritual Abuse: A More Accurate Language & Its Implication; Change Management Skills in the Treatment of MPD
  • National Association for Christian Recovery, MPD: Holy Healing, Caring Community
  • Conference on MPD/SRA, Cincinnati, OH, TQM and MPD
  • North Morganton United Methodist Church, Morganton, NC , Abuse in God’s World: When Congregants are Multiples
  • Mountain Area Health Education Committee, Asheville, NC,Living Community: Life as a Multiple; How to Use Managing Our Selves
  • Asheville Citizen-Times Newspaper, Asheville, NC`(Interview) (Interview with Carol Curry)
  • Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital, Knoxville, TN, In-Service education
  • Saturn Corporation Workplace Development Center 40 hour Course (Presenting these 3– Continuous Improvement and Change, Teamwork, and Personal Commitment–weekly to 75-100 people March through June 1993)
  • UCAR Carbon, Cleveland OH, Task Analysis TrainingSaturn Corporation: Working with Persons with Disabilities


  • Governor Ann Richards’ Invitational Conference on Quality in Education, Houston, TX Facilitation Outcomes Team
  • Saturn Corporation (Supplier Quality Group)
  • International Congress on Christian Counseling, Atlanta GA (Lectures) MPD & Scripture: Enhancing Healing; Change: The Challenge of Christian Living
  • WWAY-TV Wilmington, NC, Special with Stephanie Loftis
  • Faith Daniels: A Closer Look, Guest NBC Talk show
  • Montel Williams: Guest, Talk show
  • UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Psychiatry, Child Maltreatment Program; Conversations: Children and MPD
  • International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality, Staff & Community Ed.: More Than Survival: A Look at Multiple Personality DisorderDorothea Dix State Hospital, Raleigh, NC (Lecture)Treatment Issues in MPD In Service: Continuous Quality Improvement
  • N.C. Child Protective Services Workers, Raleigh, NC (Lecture)Dissociation and Your Clients
  • Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital, Johnson City, TN (Training) New paradigms in Multiplicity
  • Victory Center, Johnson City, TN, Consumers: Coping with Change–Mental Wellness
  • Watauga Mental Health Center, Johnson City, TN Improving Mental Health or Curing Mental Illness?
  • Highland Hospital, Asheville, NC; (Training): Grand rounds lecture; In Service for DDU Staff; Community Ed
  • Over 50 radio shows as a guest discussing dissociative disorders


  • Guest, AM Philadelphia on Differences Between Fact and Feeling”
  • Local Woman Social Activist,” Lenoir News Topic, Lenoir NC


  • National Space Society
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
  • International Women’s Writing Guild
  • American Society for Training and Development


  • 2004 ISSD President’s Award
  • 2001 Exult Thought Leadership Award
  • 1996 Who’s Who in the World
  • 1995 Who’s Who in the South
  • 1995 ISSD Media Award
  • 1995 “Hot 25 Speaker to Watch In America”
  • 1992 Who’s Who in Communications
  • 1992 Leadership Excellence in Communication, Saturn
  • 1978 Letter of commendation, NC Governor’s Office, for Primary Prevention Conference
  • 1978 Outstanding Volunteerism, Burke County, NC
  • 1970-71 James G.K. McClure Scholar


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