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Quiet Quitting: not what we’re making it out to be

December 27, 20231 min read

OK, so you know about quiet quitting, right? Workers who refuse to do more than you pay them for, the famous 40-hour week or the project you asked them to work on… who challenge the need to work “late” and “later.”

Who are these louts who insist on being paid for the work they actually do?

I think they are truth-tellers. For decades, we’ve expected people to devalue their salary by going above and beyond, and exhaustion has become a symbol of being a “good” worker. Really?

What happened to:
--a 40 40-hour week for 40 hours of pay, which is fair and equitable.
--knowing how much time a job would take, and hiring accordingly.
--recognizing that resentful workers who are giving away their time are short-timers
--using some measuring stick that values the people who actually create the service or product for the customer as much as the revenue they produce?

I stand firmly against the outcry against quiet quitting and encourage companies to look at their own uses and misuses of people they employ. In the New Year, shift the balance: make sure you value the staff who work for you as much as you love the outcomes they create.

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Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed., CEO of EPower & Associates, Inc. , is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and consultant. EPower & Associates is the parent organization for The Trauma Informed Academy(r). "All we do is help people with change, resilience and self-care, and learning to live trauma responsively. And everything is done from the trauma-informed perspective," she says. "Even courses directly about working with trauma are about change."

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