Healer: Reducing Crises helps listeners navigate chaos and manage trauma by teaching skills to increase emotional intelligence and manage overwhelming experiences. Covering emotional regulation, inner connections, strengths, and self-possession, it grounds listeners in the knowledge and skills needed to improve wellness at home and in the workplace. Grounded in positive psychology, talent development, and trauma psychology, there's a focus on adaptation and coping to strengthen the self.

If Change Is All There Is, Choice Is All You've Got

Funny, true, powerful vignettes that are the best of the Appalachian parables about change, choice and power. Think about that old classic: "The Hen's Involved but the Hog's Committed" which is about breakfast. How is it about life, too? Just ask a hog about to give up a ham, and see how the chicken's perspective on the hardship of laying an egg changes! Elizabeth Power is a Southern voice of authenticity whose professional world is helping people make and manage change--particularly as they wrestle down the ghosts of their past. She's an internationally recognized thought leader in Trauma-Responsive thinking and the founder of The Trauma-Informed Academy.

How to Get Happier-and Why You Should Try To!
Humorous as well as serious storytelling-style book addressing happiness, what influences, impairs, and enhances it. Adverse experiences, attachment, relational processes, benefits of happiness and how-tos.

The Power of Why: Why 28 Women Created an Online Course and Why You Should Too
If you are a coach, consultant, or a counsellor, you must have experienced the ceiling to how many hours you can work and the number of people you can help with your expertise on a one-on-one basis. Now, technology gives you the power to help more people without overwhelming yourself with long hours of work. If you are ready to scale your coaching, consulting, or counselling business to the next level, then you are in the right place.

With this book, 28 women from across the world have come together to share their journeys and their stories as course creators. They share their honest insights into these journeys which unfolded to create their own online courses. These are real women running real businesses, and they are sharing their 'Why' with you so that you can find yours, too.

Healer: Reducing Crises is a straight-forward, easily accessible and understandable guide for those suffering from traumatic experiences told by an industry expert. Powers counsels the importance of examining one’s conditioned beliefs around trauma and working to increase emotional intelligence (including vocabulary) to alleviate suffering and increase resilience. There are references to supplemental videos and adjunct classes for those wishing to go even deeper in the recovery process.

If Change Is All There Is, Choice Is All You've Got is a Great Read on Lifestyle Changes. I really enjoyed the flow of the book. The chapters were well organized and the topics easy to follow and apply. Ms. Power shows a deep mastery of language and methodology in presenting ideas and tools for adapting in your own life.

How to Get Happier-and Why You Should Try To! is a great book to help "hike up your happy." This book provides a comical view at getting happier. Elizabeth is an amazing storyteller and guide on this journey. I've had the privilege to attending several of her trainings and can now hear her voice as I read the annecdotes in this book.

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