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Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Extraordinary Speaker. Superb Facilitator

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is an international authority on trauma-informed processes. She is an adjunct instructor in psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center, teaching Trauma-Informed Medical Care, and she is the Founder of EPower & Associates, Inc. and The Trauma Informed Academy (TIA, at Her work helping folks live and work from a trauma-responsive perspective dramatically reduces the stress of trauma's presence at home and at work.

The TIA  offers training and live calls to skilled helpers and survivors. Power is a graduate of Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt who lives in Nashville, TN. She is a published best-selling author, with her most recent book available on Amazon. Healer: Reducing Crises. Her book is a trauma-informed guide for survival and coping during chaos and after trauma.

Power's work comes from her deep roots in helping people cope with change, get happier, and build sturdier relationships. She's funnier than a six-pack of funny bones, smarter than a honeybee looking for pollen. You can count on her to motivate, inspire, and educate on any of these topics.

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