Elizabeth Power, MEd

The Voice of Lived Experience

International Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant

Since 1982, Elizabeth Power's life work has been around change, resilience, and how traumatic experiences shape life--and how we can use knowledge of that to help make the world a better place. She is an avid believer in learning and education.

She’s been featured in Successful Meetings Magazine as a speaker on the topic of change, and has been a guest on more than 113 talk shows or podcasts.

Her work in trauma-responsive practices, which require being trauma-informed, is used on every continent (except Antarctica!) in corporate, healthcare, and faith communities.

As "The Voice of Lived Experience,” Power brings evidence-informed, field-tested practical wisdom, tools that work, and content she molds to your event. Her unique interpretations of real-life situations with a heavy dose of humor create experiences your attendees will never forget!

She speaks to combined audiences of thousands of people annually. In recent years, Power has delivered high-energy keynotes to the American Society of Clinical Laboratorians; staff and policy-makers in the Louisiana Women, Infant and Children's programs; MFairview Health staff and programs; The Wild Goose Festival; the Together We Can Conference; and many many more. She is sought after as a facilitator online and on site.

The rest of the time? She’s in the garden!




Elizabeth Power's three magic questions--and the stories that go with them--are perfect keynote and workshop offerings when you need depth, meaning and humor.

They challenge your audience to consider the meanings we make of others' behavior, reasons we cling to old thinking, and the cost of stagnating there. Even better, they help improve morale, reduce stress, and open up compassion.

Suitable for any audience from personal transformation, healthcare education, association gathering, customer service, and retreats.





Whether it’s personal healing, customer service, teaching, or clinical care, responding from a trauma-informed process improves outcomes.

These five core skills? Everyone can use them at work and at home. They are automatically trauma-responsive and easy to use.

Available as a workshop, keynote, and poster session. Great for retreats and personal or professional development.




Change of all sorts--whether we're the owner, the agent, or the target--can throw us off balance and make us gnaw on ourselves like a critter in a trap, collapse our bounce to the ounce, and feel.... awful.

When your audience leaves this presentation (whether keynote or workshop), they'll be able to recognize the feelings of change, transform them to useful clues, and then engage an evidence-based model for amplifying the things we do for self-care to boost our resilience.

Folks say "everyone needs this!" and we'll bring it to you virtually or onsite.

I love watching people get the “ah-ha” or seeing the “click” that happens when it all comes together for someone who is learning something new.

Whether children or adults, the beauty of learning is that people become more of who they are
intended to be: wiser, more skilled individuals capable of changing their inner and outer world for the better.

Simple as that.

What People Say...

Just think: this could be your chance to change things!

Piedmont Area Health Education Council

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

Residential Treatment Program

“Just fantastic!!! Personable, engaging and wise. We can act on this..."

"Learned more from this keynote than I've learned in a long time.."

“Incredible. Everyone needs this work. Reduced acuity, and helped morale a lot."

MHealth Fairview

Hope School

“Clearly knows her stuff. She's a dynamo who has all the goods and delivers them flawlessly. Makes the difficult make sense."

"Life-changing tools we can use right now. Can't tell you how impactful this was for us and for me.”

Available onsite and virtually to inspire, educate, and transform.

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