Maybe life has dealt you (or your staff) some rough blows.

Maybe a little push might help drive a needed shift.

​​Or maybe folks feel they've “peaked
and need a new direction and the personal tools to go with it.

I’m Elizabeth Power.

I've lived in these spaces, and I know the power of simple everyday interactions. It's about relationships. When they're fouled up like a trolling motor running through algae? We need to do something different. When they work? Magic happens. Life sparkles because our skills work well.

Your staff? Whether they're caregivers, educators, clinicians or customer service agents, they're bombarded with painful interactions all day long.

My job? My power? To help them learn simple, powerful trauma-responsive ways to relate to others that make chikkin salad look like a fancy cruise liner's best cuisine. Reach out and let's get going.

I teach from The Voice of Lived Experience to help people around the globe: --Recover and grow,

--Master change,

--Live trauma-informed, and

--Deepen resilience

Looking for a Speaker? I'm Yours!

Isn't it time to uplevel

your interactions?

Working on trauma?

Our Trauma Informed Academy™
and Trauma-Responsive System courses are grounded in

  • The power of relationship​

  • Strength-based, present-focused frames

  • Multi-disciplinary research about trauma and its impact

  • Emotional Intelligence, SAMHSA's operating principles for TIC, and the skills people need to be trauma-responsive

Isn't it true that people react from their worst past experience when you're working with them in tough situations? And then you react from yours? We can help you lead from a higher place, and we can help them react from one, too.

Talent development leader? Clinical director? HR leader?These are applied emotional intelligence skills your people need!


You are the most authentic presenter/trainer I have ever experienced. So many trainers seem like they are putting on a show or wearing a mask of some sort. You don’t come across that way at all. You are deeply authentic—deeply human.

You are a very effective communicator—you are very articulate and yet simple and direct.

You are kind and gentle—not abrasive, defensive or harsh like some communicators.

You are deeply intuitive. It is obvious that you go to deep places within yourself when facilitating groups.

You are extremely knowledgeable and very, very intelligent.

You know your material inside and out and are able to think on your feet.

You have a graciousness about you—even when life is shi**y for you.

~ Beth

“The world needs your work now more than ever; it's life changing!”

~ Diazina

“...reading the 1st volume of your trauma book series. Wow! What you say is as transformative as what you say in person. You move me to rethink assumptions I’ve been stuck with for decades!”

~ Sue

Want results like these? Let's talk.

Which of these is right for you?


It’s all there is. Most of the time, it’s not much fun. Our Change Training and Events help you, or your team, learn:

• Personal dynamics of change

• Why we’re addicted to failure

• How to create positive self-discipline

• Key coping skills

• How to master change, optimize choice, and use control

• How to cope with transitions in life


The Trauma Informed Academy™:

• Integrates Trauma Informed thinking and skills with Emotional Intelligence

• Case-based or topical training for mental health workers, educators, and customer service agents.

• Based on 25 years of training, research, and evidence

• Over 50 lessons, available 24x7 on any device• Group calls to talk about wins, snags, and assignments


Our new program, Elastic: Resilience Booster, helps you increase your resilience and amplify your self-care!

What's in it for you?

• How to define resilience

• The relationship between resilience and self-care

• The 7Cs model of resilience and how to use it

• Practical tools to help you stack resilience and amplify the impact of self-care

All three options:

It's all "ABB" (anything but boring):

  • Online learning available 24x7 on any internet-enabled device with weekly training calls

  • Onsite, in person delivery

  • Full and multi-day retreats

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