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Elizabeth Power, M. Ed., CEO of EPower & Associates, Inc., is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and consultant. EPower & Associates provides administrative and management services for The Trauma Informed Academy®.

"All we do is help people with change, resilience, and self-care, and learning to live trauma responsively. And everything is done from the trauma-informed perspective," she says. "Even courses directly about working with trauma are about change.

Power develops cross-cultural adaptations of models of care for the mental health community as well as helping other countries, like Japan, develop their own models. The Trauma Informed Academy® recently released her new model, the Trauma Responsive System, which focuses on mastering 9 elements closely aligned with applied emotional intelligence.

She was recently published as third author of an article in Family Medicine about the outcomes of the NIMH research project assessing the effectiveness of the use of the core principles of Risking Connection® by Primary Care Providers in their clinical settings.

When organizations and associations book her as a speaker, it's most often to help people make and adapt to change, think differently about trauma and creating healing environments, or to tell her own story of hope and healing. Conferences love her for her interactive virtual presentations on change, resilience and self-care, and connecting trauma-informed thinking to their worlds.

"Sharper than a number two pencil, and funnier than a six pack of funny bones on go-juice," was one audience member's response. When you need a speaker with humor, depth, wisdom and motivation, she's the one."



Undergraduate:   University of North Carolina, Greensboro, United States, 1971-77, BA, Sociology

Graduate Education: Vanderbilt, Nashville, United States, 1995-97, MEd, Human Resources Development


  • Education for Ministry

  • Time to Teach Classroom Management

  • Risking Connection, Facilitator, Sidran Institute 

  • E-Learning Specialist, ASTD 

  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Catalyst Consulting 

  • Relational Cultural Theory, Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

  • Interactive Teaching Skills, General Motors Corporation 

  • Pro-Trainer Instructional Design Skills, General Motors Corporation 

  • Job Aids Development General Motors Corporation 

  • Accomplishment Based Training Certification, Sterling Corp.  

  • Self-Directed Coaching Certification, Sterling Corp.  

Professional Experience:

  • Fulbright Specialist, Trauma Informed Care, 2022-present

  • Adjunct Instructor, Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical School, Washington DC, 2028-present

  • Founding Director, The Trauma Informed Academy®, Nashville TN United States, 2016-present

  • Founder and CEO, EPower & Associates, Inc, Nashville TN United States, 1982-present



Original Papers in Refereed Journals

Power, E. What is Trauma Responsive Emotional Intelligence and Why Does It Matter? (2024) TD, https://www.td.org/talent-development-leader/what-is-trauma-responsive-eq-and-why-does-it-matter-in-td

Green, B. L., Saunders, P. A., Power, E., Dass-Brailsford, P., Bhat Schelbert, P., Giller, E., Wissow, L., Hurtado-de-Mendoza, A., & Mete, M. (2016).  Trauma-Informed Medical Care: Patient response to a primary care provider communication training.  Journal of Loss and Trauma, 21, 147-159.   

Green, B.L., Saunders, P.A., Power, E., Dass-Brailsford, P., Bhat Schelbert, K., Giller, E., Wissow, L., Hurtado-de-Mendoza, A., Mete, M.  (2015).   Trauma-Informed Medical Care: A CME communication training for primary care providers.  Family Medicine, 47, 7-14.

Power E. Organizations, disability and shame: A qualitative application of TQM. Journal of Management Science and Policy Analysis, June 1991. Refereed

Power, E. The Way to Excellence, Association of Quality and Participation, 1990. Refereed.

Reviews or Editorials in Referred Journals

Power E. Enough! Enough! Society of Human Resources Magazine, March 1999.

Books or Chapters in Books (indicate if refereed) 

Power, E. Healer: Reducing Crises. A trauma-informed guide to coping during chaos and after trauma. EPower & Associates, Inc. 2021.

Power, E. How to Get Happier—and why you should try to, EPower & Associates, 2009.

Power E. Organizational and Programmatic Benefits from Adversity: Comprehending the Centrality of the Role of Adverse Experiences in and on the NPO and Its Programs. The Volunteer Management Handbook, ed. Tracy D. Connors, John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network, by the Child Sexual Abuse Task Force with Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. How to Implement Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). 2004 version 2.

Power E. Coping with Change: A Human Resources Primer. The Nonprofit Management Handbook, ed. Tracy D. Connors, John Wiley & Sons, 2001.

Power E. Emergent Technology and the NPO. The Nonprofit Management Handbook, ed. Tracy D. Connors, John Wiley & Sons, 1999.

Power E. Welcoming the Stranger: Diversity and the NPO. The Nonprofit Management Handbook, ed. Tracy D. Connors, John Wiley & Sons, 1998.

Power E. Clayton-Pederson, A. Facilitator's Guide for the Diversity Opportunity Tool. Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, 1996.

Power E. Basic TQM Skills and the Management of Multiple Personality Disorder, Readings In TQM, ed Harry Costin, Ph.D., Dryden Press, 1994.

Power E. Leadership & Values, The Nonprofit Management Handbook, ed. Tracy D. Connors, John Wiley & Sons, 1992.

Other Publications

Power, E. Simons, G. The Abilities Deck, Diversophy, Multus, Inc. San Mateo, CA 1995 (corporate game)


The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence for Law Enforcement, Advocates, Mental Health Professionals and Prosecutors, Instructional Designer / SME / Facilitator, Justice Resource Institute, Boston, MA, Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.

Improving Communication between Primary Care Providers and Their Trauma Patients. Co-Investigator. B.L. Green, PI. R34 MH079970, 9-08 - 6-12; National Institute of Mental Health.

Transformation to Trauma-Informed Care, Sole Provider of Training, King County Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.

Invited Lectures

TraumaWise Ministry Summit, May 2024

Trauma Informed Care to Ke Kama Pono in Hawaii, May 2024

Trauma and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, May 2024

5 Core Skills Workshop for Tennessee Charitable Care Network, May 2024

The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Reducing the Risk of Substance Use, NAADAC April 2024

Cultural Competency and Trauma, The Red Cross, Minnesota, April 2024

Invited, Empowering Families and Caregivers: Understanding Trauma and Approaches to Child Abuse Prevention, The Louisiana Child Abuse Prevention Conference, April 2024

Invited, Women Inspiring Women, Ontario, Canada, March 2024

Invited. Adolescent Health Symposium, University of Wisconsin, Virtual, February 2024

Invited, Trusted Provider Network, Virtual, February 2024

Invited, Society for the Teachers of Family Medicine, Atlanta, GA, February 2024

Invited, Hope Clinic for Day 7, Nashville TN, November 2023

Invited, Martha O’Bryan Center for Day 7, Nashville TN, November 2023

Invited, Ryan’s Place, Charlotte, NC, November 2023

Invited, Tennessee Rural Health Association Conference, Knoxville TN, November 2023

Keynote, Together We Can, Lafayette LA, October 2023

Invited, TN Academy of Physician Assistants CME, Gatlinburg TN, October 2023

Invited, Five Core Skills that reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing, BenchmarksNC, Cherokee NC October 2023

Invited, Benchmarks NC Destination, Cherokee NC, October 2023

Invited, Minnesota Prevention Program Sharing, Virtual, October 2023

Invited, Minnesota Red Cross, Virtual, October 2023

Invited, Tennessee Healthcare Association, Nashville TN, August 2023

Keynote, Resilience and Self-Care, Day-7, Nashville TN, October 2022

Invited, Hope and Healing in Community Trauma, MHeath Fairview, Minneapolis MN, October 2022

Invited, Safe Space for Healing, Vivent Health Care, Milwaukee WI, 2022

Invited, the Three Magic Questions, Together We Can, Baton Rouge, LA, September 2021

Invited, Elastic Emotions and Inner Connections, Healing Together, Orlando FL, February 2020

Invited, Trauma-Responsive Education, Catholic Schools of Miami, Miama FL, October 2019

Invited, What’s Next After #MeToo, IVAT, 15PthP Hawaii Summit, Honlulu HI, April 2019

Invited, Active Skills for Self-Directed Trauma-Responsive Healing

Invited, TI-Med, Mukagawa Women’s University / Kurume University, Japan, October 2018 and March 2019

Invited, Plenary Panel on Organizational Self-Care, IVAT 14PthP Hawaii Summit, Honolulu HI, March 2017

Invited Workshop, Trauma-Informed Customer Service, National Indian Native American WIC Conference, Durant OK March 2017

Keynote, Healing Together, an educational and support conference on Dissociative Identity Disorder, sponsored by an Infinite Mind, Orlando, February 2017

Plenary address, Indian Health Services National Behavioral Health Conference, Portland OR, August 2016

Invited Workshop, Southwest Behavioral Health School, Seven principles of Trauma Informed Care: Making Whole the People, Tucson AZ, August 2016

Invited Workshop, Women’s International Creativity and Innovation Conference,46T Henley Business School, Pretoria, Guateng South Africa, October 2016

Invited Workshop, Increasing Classroom Management and Time to Teach: Yes You Can!, African Creativity Conference (ACRE) 11/ Education, Bela-Bela Limpopo South Africa, October 2016

Invited Workshop, Self-Care: The Heart of Helping, ACRE 22 Business Conference, Bela-Bela Limpopo South Africa, October 2016

Invited Workshop, Seven tools for Fostering Positive Classroom Chaos and Learning, ACRE 10 Education Conference, Bela-Bela Limpopo South Africa, October 2015

Invited Workshop, How Trauma Crushes Creativity—and how educators can help restore it,, ACRE 10 Education Conference, Bela-Bela Limpopo South Africa, October 2015

Invited Workshop, Beyond Flow to Fluid: Creativity in Business, ACRE 21 Business Conference, Bela-Bela, Limpopo South Africa, October 2015

Invited Webinar, National Partnership for Community Training: Expanding the Network of Care for Survivors of Torture, Miami FL 2015

Keynote, Relational Healing Conference. Resources for Human Development/Creating Increased Connections. Ambler PA, November 2013

Invited Workshop, Relational Healing, sponsored by Resources for Human Development /Creating Increased Connections, Ambler PA, November 2013

Invited Workshop, Mississippi Interfaith Disaster Task Force, Gulfport MS March 2013

Master Class, Humanistic Psychology Program, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez Mexico/Pan American Health Organization, November 2011

Invited Workshop, National Federation of Women Legislators, Santa Ana Pueblo, September 2009

Recent Presentations


The Sacredness of Trauma, Christ the Healer Old Catholic Church,

Gastonia, NC


The Sacredness of Trauma, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Franklin TN


Amplifying Resilience through Self-Care, Nashville TN

Elastic Emotions and Inner Connections, Healing Together Conference, Orlando FL

The Sacredness of Trauma, M Health Fairview, Minneapolis MN

Master Change to Master Trauma, Women’s Wisdom Group, Nashville TN


Resilience and Self-Care, Vivant Health, Milwaukee, WI

Trauma-Responsive Teaching, FACTS Education, Miami FL

Trauma-Informed Congregational Care Project, Fairview Health / Stairstep Foundation, Minneapolis

Consultation on the development of a Japanese National Model of Trauma-Informed Care, Osaka, Japan


Trauma-Informed Care, Aids Resource Council of Wisconsin, Madison WI

Trauma-Informed Congregational Care project, Chicago Public Health / Advocate Health


NoBully Curriculum Delivery in five high schools, NoBully.org, Pueblo CO

Organizational Leadership in Managing Vicarious Trauma, Invited Panelist, IVAT Conference, Honolulu, HI


TI-Med, Henry J. Austin Healthcare Center, Trenton NJ

Risking Connection Train the Trainer, ReStart, Kansas City

Risking Connection Train the Trainer3, Newhouse / City Union Mission, Kansas City

Risking Connection, Ocean County DHS

Risking Connection, Salisbury Behavioral Health, Pottstown PA


Creating Trauma Informed Communities, public speech, Moncton, New Brunswick, CA

Risking Connection, Salvus Clinic, Moncton, New Brunswick CA

Applied Leadership: Making and Managing Change, NexTulsa United Way Leadership Program, Tulsa OK

Risking Connection, Newhouse / City Union Mission, Kansas City, MO

Risking Connection, UTSA Teen Health, UTSA Health Sciences, San Antonio TX

Risking Connection, Ocean County NJ

Risking Connection, Indian Health Services Shiprock Unit, Shiprock NM

The role of trauma informed processes in working with torture survivors, Gulf Coast Family Services, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Trauma, Spirituality & Faith: The Interplay as Survivors Risk Connection and Recover, Webinar

Risking Connection, Indian Health Services, Shiprock, NM

Risking Connection, Safe Horizons, Brooklyn NY

Risking Connection, ReDiscover CMHC, Lee’s Summit, MO

Project Management for Non-Project Managers, United Way, Philadelphia

Risking Connection, ReStart, Kansas City, KS

Risking Connection, Hale Kipa, Honolulu and Hilo HI

Relational Healing, 46TUniversidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Juarez Mexico

El diario Mexico, interview on community violence from Juarez

Telemundo, interview on community violence from Juarez

Risking Connection, Crossroads Treatment Center, Pueblo CO

Trauma-Informed Care through the Cultural Lens, Ko’olau HI

Risking Connection, Canadien Training Institute, Toronto, CA

Strategic Planning, United Way Worldwide Conference, Washington DC


Teaching Activities / Higher Education

2018-present Adjunct Instructor, Psychiatry, Georgetown University medical Center, Washington DC. Teaching TI-Med, Trauma-Informed Medical Care.

1995-1997 Teaching Assistant, Vanderbilt University, Peabody School of Education, Nashville TN

Consultations (Primary Business), partial (mental and behavioral health)

Mountaineer Home Medical, WV, develop operations manual for scaling home health respiratory services.

KVC of WV, 2017—Work with KVC staff and gathered team on architecture for a community of former foster youth for education, living space, community support.

NoBully.org, 2017—trainer in Colorado Department of Education grant project providing evidence-based structured curriculum and support for assigned high schools to reduce bullying.

Jewish Family Services of Detroit, 2016-2017—Consultant in Instructional Design / Education and Subject Matter Expert in trauma-informed care to develop training for those who are caregivers to survivors of the Holocaust.

Justice Resource Institute, 2016-2017—Consultant in Instructional Design / Education and Subject Matter Expert for Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime grant to develop training on the neurobiology of sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

United Way Worldwide, 2013-2016—Facilitate programs including Strategic Planning, Influencers®, Change Management, Project Management, and Leadership Bootcamp in local United Ways and at Community Leadership/Staff Leadership Conferences. Leadership Development consultant project for UW-National Capitol Area; worked on Knowledge Management project in the development of UWW taxonomy for their intranet.

Ku Aloha Ola Mau, Honolulu/Hilo HI 2010-present—Supported opiate addiction treatment program based on Hawaiian traditional values in capacity building, process improvement, and staff development. Supported integration of traditional values with trauma-responsivity. Recidivism rate under 15% across 5 years.

King County, Washington, 2010-2015—Sole source provider of intervention for five year SAMSHA Transformation to Trauma-Informed Care to implement Risking Connection® and provide consulting services in evaluation, process, and adoption. Outcomes for service providers and for service recipients will be assessed. Includes facilitation of program and consults.

Facilitation of Risking Connection® and varying degrees of support for implementing trauma-informed care, 2008-present, partial list— Shiprock IHS, Newhouse Shelter, City Union Mission, Ku Aloha Ola Mau, ReDiscovery, reStart, Hope House, CAPA, Rosebrooks, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, Hale Kipa, Salvation Army Women’s Treatment Program, Rivendell Psychiatric Hospital, KY; US Attorney General’s Office; Maui Memorial Medical Center, HI; The Queen’s Hospital, Honolulu, HI; Boys and Girls Village, CT; Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin, TX; St. PJ’s Children’s Home, San Antonio, TX; Post-Graduate Center for Mental Health, New York, NY; MD Crime Compensation Board and more.

Sidran Institute 2007-12—Process and operations consultant in the expansion of Sidran’s flagship relationally based trauma informed care model, Risking Connection® for replication, evaluation and measurement across multiple contexts. This included the design and development of infrastructure, processes, and materials. Provided Instructional and organizational design, train the trainer and evaluation services, and delivered contract ILT. Create online learning with partner, Toolwire, to convert Risking Connection® to robust e-learning.

Athena Healthsphere 2006-2008 —Provided business development services, crafted HR and policy manuals, supported CEO and President in program creation.

Hillside Family Work-Scholarship Program 2005-2007 –Consulted in program design, replication, commercialization, evaluation and evidence-based instructional design for award winning youth development program.

National Center for PTSD 2005-2006— consulted as Subject Matter Expert in implementation manual for portions of Federal Disaster Mental Health services; initial strategic planning for implementation.

Children's Institute/Los Angeles 2004-2016—Co-author of integrated mind-body curriculum for children and mothers in the domestic violence shelter environment. Delivered pilot training and consulted on replication strategy. Update: 2010 Contracted to deliver multiple times yearlyas part of grant to CI. Update 2016: Renew replication manual

Domestic Violence Mental Health Policy Institute 2004-2005 – Organizational consultant (including training and development) for startup of project serving both mental health providers and domestic violence shelters; Facilitated core team meetings in support of needs analysis and process design.

North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center 2003-2004 — provided services in curriculum development for implementation and training manual for evidence-based treatment Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents living with Chronic Trauma (SPARCS) for an National Child Traumatic Stress Network grant. Provided pilot delivery services, train the trainer and supported implementation planning for marketing processes.

Premier Health Care 2002 –organization development consulting on training infrastructure, talent development, risk/reward, knowledge retention, identification of career growth and development processes.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network 2000-2004—worked on multiple projects including the development of criteria for selecting and implementing different trauma treatments at Duke University. Supported documentation of programs for replication such as TF-CBT and PCIT at University of Cincinnati.

East Tennessee Technology Access Center 1994 --pre-accreditation audit for CARF, strategic planning and process improvement--and many others. Provided strategic planning services to help organization develop sustainable future.


Deloitte Consulting Services 2007-08—Instructional design and pilot to hand off ILT courses for analysts providing support on internal software applications, as well as SAP, and the development of a proprietary problem solving model. Approved vendor.

The Power Academy 2004-2005—SME in planning for conceptualization, technical development and implementation for online learning academy branch of J.D. Power and Associates, including development of metadata dictionary and reusable learning object processes. For dealership academy online.

J.D. Power and Associates 2003—Redesign call center certification process to increase focus on process quality, legal defensibility, parity. Assess call centers for certification.

Exult 2001-2002—Create training function for new HR BPO start-up serving Bank of America; support Siebel project for call center; develop training for straight cutover from bank call center to outsourced call center; develop and implement account services training; support contact center handling 9/11 calls for clients. Responsible for all planning for the training function as related to account services.

J.D. Power and Associates 1999-2005—Consultant to Education Department for design and as needed delivery of programs for e-commerce for Toyota, Mitsubishi and others; part of design and rollout team for Ford Blue Oval and consultant on other automotive projects.

Call Center Industry Advisory Council 1998-2008—construct job descriptions and process analysis for not for profit developing industry-wide standards. Review of online courses against standards and for applicability.

General Motors’ Saturn Corporation 1988-1998—Instructional design of over 250 projects in social, technical, and systems skills utilizing Instructional Systems Design process; organization develop consulting in team development, technology projects, diversity issues, and disability issues; training provision for services sold to GM of Europe, GM of Canada, and external clients, including local dealerships. Developed and delivered customer service and customer-loyalty building programs in the US and Canada.

Call Center University 1997-1998—manage instructional design function for corporate university, including contracts, vendors, and scheduling.

Current Projects in Development

The Trauma Informed Academy, www.thetraumainformedacademy.com, an online and blended learning project offering courses related to all things Trauma Informed. Current courses focus on exploring definitions of TIC, its evolution, changes that occur with the implementation of TIC, where being Trauma-Informed is helpful and why.

Current iterations of the courses are upgraded from text-only as time and revenue permit. We are consolidating a number of trauma-informed care related websites and redesigning our corporate website to reflect changes in direction as well. Our clients have expressed a growing interest in online learning and in self-directed courses, which we are working to meet.


Volunteer, Community Resource Center, Nashville TN 2016-2018

Volunteer consultant to the Board, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, 1992-1996

Volunteer, Women’s Resource Center, Hickory NC 2001-2002

Volunteer, Yokefellow Services, Lenoir NC 2000-2002


President’s Award, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, 1995

Media Award, International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality Disorder, 1992


American Society for Training and Development, 1992-present

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 1992-2002 (approximate)

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation 1994-2004 (approximate)

American Psychological Association Division 56, 2013-2021

Academy of Violence and Abuse, 206-2021

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