Elizabeth Power

Extraordinary Speaker. Superb Facilitator.

The Change Event

You know you’re made for more than this. You can feel it in your bones. You’re supposed to be doing something big in this world–definitely bigger than what you’re doing now!

I know you are too. So was I. And I kept banging my head against the ceiling I’d let change build over my head, over and over again until I mastered the skills to master what had happened in the past and what would come in the future.

Those skills? I just missed them because I was too busy doing other things, and folks in my early tribe didn’t have some of them to teach me. Chances are, you’re in the same boat.

I learned them, and now I help others learn them too—so you can become so much more the master of your own destiny! Are you tired of being “less than” in your head?

I have a place for you where you will be the most important person ever in the room, beloved, cherished, and helped to master the critical skills for blowing the doors off life.

You better come on, now—your voice and choice is needed in this world, and I have just the skills to help you cause a stir, a good one, in your own life. Are you in?


Posted on March 6, 2020 and filed under Uncategorized