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August 16, 20231 min read

I was teaching customer service skills to call center employees at a large church organization in Nashville in the mid1990s. Afterwards a gentleman came up to and proudly announced he had my first book, If Change Is All There is, Choice Is all You’ve Got. I thanked him, and he said “You don’t remember me, do you?” I allowed as how I had no idea, and he went on to prod my memory, and tell me that his daddy and he were the men that brought the runaways (of which I was one) food and blankets at the haybarn where we were holed up in 1969.

I’ve gone from there--and through all that moving beyond it entailed--to become a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a published author in multiple fields, an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University and, um, my work is used on every continent except Antarctica.

I am so glad I made the effort, and persisted. Homeless runaway, 1969. Undisputed success with more to come, 2023.

Grateful all the time. Even when it’s hard.

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Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed., CEO of EPower & Associates, Inc. , is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and consultant. EPower & Associates is the parent organization for The Trauma Informed Academy(r). "All we do is help people with change, resilience and self-care, and learning to live trauma responsively. And everything is done from the trauma-informed perspective," she says. "Even courses directly about working with trauma are about change."

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