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Fall winds down--what is our harvest?

October 24, 20231 min read

This time of year, people gather pumpkins. In fact, they’ve been on sale for a long time. Pumpkins are part of the cucurbit family, which includes squash, gourds, watermelons, other melons, and luffa sponges. Yeah.

Have you ever seen how many seeds a pumpkin makes? Let one rot in your yard and you’ll find out that they make an incredible number of seeds. In some traditions, they represent abundance. Plenty. Riches.

Do you know all the ways they can be used? Soups, pies, stews, candy and more. Yes--they can be planters, food for wildlife, and all manner of things. Even boats (try me on this--look up “rowing pumpkin”). The seeds, flowers, and flesh are edible.

They are a great symbol of hope and happiness because of how easy they are to grow. They can lie in fallow fields until frost turns them to mush, and their seeds sprout again in spring.

Where are the “pumpkins” in your life?

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Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed., CEO of EPower & Associates, Inc. , is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and consultant. EPower & Associates is the parent organization for The Trauma Informed Academy(r). "All we do is help people with change, resilience and self-care, and learning to live trauma responsively. And everything is done from the trauma-informed perspective," she says. "Even courses directly about working with trauma are about change."

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